Has Your House Become Too Big For You To Own?

When your house is filled with your kids and family, you can always expect a mess. Everything feels tight, rooms seem smaller than they are, and you can’t find a place to spend some time alone. But there comes a time in life when your house suddenly starts to feel cold and deserted.

Your house starts to feel empty usually around the same time when your kids move to college or move out of the house. When your kids grow up, they carry out to hopefully buy a house and one day start their own family. Suddenly, a place that was for five people starts feeling like a place for 20. 

When this happens, maybe it’s the perfect time for you to start considering selling your house and moving out as well. Owning a house bigger than what you need can lead to considerable unnecessary expenses. Here are some reasons for you to see why owning a big house that you don’t need is not worth it: 

Maintenance and Repairments

When you live in a big house, everything increases, and not necessarily in the right way. You have more rooms, more furnishings, more lights, and this leads to more costs. Maintaining a house is already an expensive task, but keeping a too-big house for you is even worse. You’ll get higher energy costs, higher property taxes, and higher utility costs. 

It’s wise and responsible when you start thinking about your financial future. Imagine finding yourself paying or making repairs for rooms that you don’t use anymore. You need to start thinking about better savvy to spend your money instead of wasting it. When you list down all the extra money, you’ll be spending on maintenance and repairs, and you’ll realize how all of that resources could go to a better investment. 

Bigger Doesn’t Mean Useful

Yes, it feels good to have two living rooms, a large garden on your patio, or four bathrooms. But it doesn’t feel good when they start to get dusty or empty because no one uses them anymore. And believe it or not, you paid and probably are still paying for that unoccupied space.

A home should be a place that feels cozy and filled with positive energy and vibes. When you have multiple empty spaces at your house, you won’t be getting any of those vibes. You’ll feel like if you’re in a scary movie where everything feels silent and cold. 

Bigger Responsibilities 

As we mentioned before, a bigger house means more house chores and more expenses. When your house is too big, there’s more that can go wrong. From getting leaks to mold and termites, there’s just too much job for professionals to do, leading to more expenses. 

How To Know If Your House Is Too Big For You? 

You’ll know that your house is too big for you if you can relate to one of the following scenarios: 

There are rooms you haven’t spent time in for weeks: if you realize that there are multiple rooms that you don’t frequently visit, it may be for a reason. They are just wasting space and increasing your bills. 

Property taxes are too high: if you’re paying your state and local property taxes, you know that you can deduct up to $10,000 from your itemized federal tax filing. But if you’re paying above that amount, you’ll still spend thousands of dollars for a house that is not being ultimately used.  

A big part of stuff belongs to people who moved out: when most of the things from your house still belong to your kids, the ones that moved out years ago, it’s a sign that it’s time for you to look for a new home. 

Move To A House That Fits Your Needs 

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