How To Get Rid Of Your Old House

It’s understandable that after years of working for it and living in it, you develop a close attachment to your home. You’ve probably experienced and cherished countless memories, and it feels wrong to even think about living elsewhere. But, sometimes you need to leave them aside and concentrate on the considerable extra expenses that your old house incurs.

Owning an old house potentially means taking care of expensive maintenance and repairs. Those problems aren’t usually an easy-to-fix type of issue such as leaks or electrical problems. These are hidden issues like wiring or drainage pipe that can make your house inhabitable. 

Don’t overlook those problems, it’s always better to take action before they become bigger. Here are some of the most common issues you’ll be exposed to if you own an old house. 

Plumbing Issues 

Drain pipes inside your house tend to rust and deteriorate. When this happens, you need to find a replacement and break the walls to find the source of the problem. Digging and replacing your old pipes with new ones could cost thousands of dollars. 

A common issue in old houses is when the drain line joins into a city sewer. People don’t realize that even though the drain line goes into a public sewer and street, it’s still legally theirs. This is an expensive problem since they’ll be forced to dig, break the yard or even the street. 

The supply line can always present multiple issues as well. Corroded and deteriorated pipes can limit water flow. So don’t expect to have the best shower if you’re having this type of issue. 

Electrical Issues

Old houses contain knob and tube wiring made of particular materials like ceramic and copper, respectively. Today, electrical wiring includes a ground wire that prevents an overloaded circuit that can start a fire. However, old wires systems don’t. They can be a cause of fire in your house. 

Old knob and tube methods used defective and low-quality materials like cotton cloth or rubber. Both of these materials quickly deteriorate over time. 

Also, through previous and poor electric maintenance, your wiring could have been modified, and you might not be aware of it. 

Some common mistakes from inexperienced homeowners can lead to leaving exposed wires or less noticeable ones. Some cables require to be exposed to different temperatures to work to their proper capacity. If the previous homeowner did not place them correctly, your wires are exposed to be oversaturated – leaving you with another expensive cost. 

Environmental Issues 

Old lead water supply lines can contain bacteria and germs. These bacteria and germs can contaminate the water you’re using to wash your food, take a shower, and brush your teeth. 

Asbestos residues are easy to find in old houses. Breathing high levels of this toxic mineral can produce higher risks of developing lung, pancreas, stomach, and kidney cancer. Asbestos’ fibers can quickly disintegrate into a powder or dust that gets trapped in your lungs once you’ve inhaled it. 

We recommend having your home inspected by professional asbestos agencies. Then, you can proceed to hire another independent contractor that can remove it. Examining your home can also be a costly process that comes with the disadvantages of owning an old house. 

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