Is This A Good Time To Sell My House In Colorado?

COVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty and a lot of changes to our everyday life and the economy as well. If you’re selling your home right now in Colorado you may wonder if it’s the right time to sell. If you’re planning on moving to a safer place and want to sell your home at Colorado Cash For Keys, we can help you out.


How to Sell During The Pandemic

The real estate market has suffered since the COVID-19 outbreak. Many people had the opportunity to sell their homes during the spring, but due to the virus, buyers backed out. If you want to sell your home right now, there are a few options available to you.

Sell your home through a real estate agent

You can choose to go the traditional route and sell your home with a realtor. However, this is an option that requires a lot of patience.

According to realtors and several articles, listings are down since the beginning of March. During this period last year, there were 34% more listings compared to this year, making sale opportunities for homeowners less likely. If previous to the virus, a home seller had to wait around six months until getting an offer, now the wait time is even longer. 

Selling your home yourself

This is a chance some people are willing to take, since it means working alone and avoiding some commissions and fees. But it can also be an arduous task. If you already know somebody interested in buying your home, you’re good to go. If not, you’ll probably wait quite some time until you manage to get an offer.

Selling to a home buying company

Selling your home to home buyers is your safest option. At Colorado Cash For Keys, we buy your house directly, making the buying procedure as short as seven days. All you have to do is send us some pictures or videos to review your house’s state. Within 24 hours, we’ll send you a fair cash offer.

Why Colorado Cash For Keys?  

At Colorado Cash For Keys, one of our greatest benefits is that we buy houses regardless of their condition. We want you to get going even during pandemic times. Our buying procedure has helped us provide win-win situations, even during challenging circumstances.