Sell My Unwanted Inherited House Fast In Colorado Springs

Inherited a house that you don’t want? Want to sell it fast? Selling your home with a real estate agent is a long and complicated process where you don’t have control when or how your it will end.

At Colorado Cash For Keys, we buy houses in any condition in Colorado Springs. This means that you don’t need to invest more money in the property that you are selling to get the price you want. All repairs, replacements, painting, and maintenance are on us. Get a fair offer with no extra expenses on your part, and get rid of your unwanted house fast.


Why Sell Your Inherited House

Often, an inherited house in Colorado Springs only comes with financial and emotional burden, as opposed to benefits. You may not want to live in the house, and you may not want to turn it into a profitable rental or other business, whether because of lack of time or money. Cleaning out the house can be extremely time-consuming and even costly. Often, simply selling it is the best option and will give you benefits you can actually take advantage of.

Our Fast Process

We have designed the easiest way to sell your house in record time. We take a look at your house, evaluate it, and make you an offer in a matter of days. We are able to close quickly, and if you want to extend the closing date, we can also do that. With us, getting rid of your unwanted inherited property fast will feel like a breeze. Don’t waste your time with real estate agents and a slew of unsure buyers. We are reliable and we act fast.

How It Works

The process that you follow with us is very simple and easy.

  • We get to know more about your property. Tell us about your house by submitting our online form: it’s free, easy and quick.
  • If you meet all the criteria that we require, we will contact you to make a quick appointment.
  • We will present you with a fair offer, which you can accept or not.
  • If you accept, we give you cash in as little as seven days.