Selling House Fast Due To Unwanted Tenants

Own a rental house and having troubles with your current tenant? Colorado Cash For Keys will buy your home quickly and give you cash in as little as seven days, freeing you of your unwanted tenant with minimal effort from you.

Getting rid of them may be difficult and cause more of the problems you may already be having. Selling the house you’re renting to them can be the best solution in cases like these, offering you a smooth transition and a chance to move on from the situation. 


Can You Sell a House With Someone Living In It?

You are fully within your rights to sell the property you own, even if someone else is renting it from you. Furthermore, they are entitled to continue living there for the length of their lease. Selling your house, then, is an excellent solution for both of you: you no longer have to deal with your unwanted tenants, and they can stay on the property.


Colorado Cash For Keys will buy your house no matter what the condition and no matter who’s living in it, as long as it meets all our requirements. 

Why Sell To Us

While it’s possible another buyer will be enticed by the opportunity of buying a property with a tenant already in it, the new homeowner may encounter many of the same issues you did, and they may be hesitant to buy. Colorado Cash For Keys is a professional home buying company. We are prepared for any situation and can make you an offer on your house in less than 72 hours.

If you decided to sell an occupied house through a real estate agent, you would have to make repairs and have showings while your tenant still resides in the property. This can lead to more issues with your unwanted tenant and make the selling process more difficult for you. It will also cost you more money and extend your waiting time.

At Colorado Cash For Keys, we don’t require showings or fixes before we buy your house. We will take a look at the property once to make sure it meets our criteria, and then we’ll make an offer. We handle any necessary repairs ourselves, long after you’re gone. We are the quickest solution to your problem, and we will make the process simple and easy for you.

Choose Colorado Cash For Keys

Your problems could go away in as little as seven days. Sell your home to Colorado Cash For Keys and you can have cash in your hand in less than two weeks, without the time-consuming process of selling with an agent. Say goodbye to your unwanted tenant when you sell your house to us.