Selling To A Home Buyer: Tips For Your First Time

When selling your home to a home buyer, you’ll go through a unique process that doesn’t have much in common with a real estate agent’s process. If it’s your first time selling to a home buyer, you may be confused about what to do. Colorado Cash for Keys are experienced home buyers who’ve served Colorado for many years. We’ll give you some tips and things to remember during your first home buyer experience.


Tips for Selling to Home Buyers

Once you get to know our buying process and how we operate, you’ll be thrilled to sell your home to us. We don’t only care about the fact that we’ll buy your house, but that we also care for you, the homeowner. We want you to know us better, therefore we’ve come out with the following tips.

Understand what makes us different

It’s important to understand a home buyer’s process, because it is so unique. Once you learn about the process and understand it, you’ll know what to expect, which will make the process easier. You should ask as many questions as you need.

At Colorado Cash for Keys, we’re straightforward with how we operate and we guide you throughout the whole buying and selling procedure.

Don’t expect the same offer you’d get with a real estate agent

If you expect to be paid the same amount with a home buyer that you would with a real estate agent, you will be disappointed and confused. It’s important that you are in the right mindset, again, because this process is different.

Remember that with home buyers, you won’t have to spend extra money on fees, repairs, or commissions. No money has to ever come out of your pocket. When you’re considering a home buyer’s offer, do the math to truly understand the difference between their offer and what you’d get from a realtor.

Tell us everything you can about why you’re selling.

Home buyers usually buy from homeowners who need a quick fix to a problem. No matter if you’re delayed on mortgage payments, if you’re going through a divorce, or experiencing the loss of a loved one, they aim to offer you the best buying solution. Tell them your situation so they can close quickly if needed.

We’re always looking to grant a win-win scenario when it comes to offering a fair cash deal regardless of the owner’s current situation. 

How Home Buyers Help

Our company has helped thousands of happy customers get out of sticky situations. We’re a perfect match for homeowners wanting to sell their homes fast and get further benefits.

The not-so-secret of our success is our buying process. After we have reviewed all your information and seen your home’s current condition, we’ll send you a fair written, no-obligation cash offer within twenty-four hours. The next step is to set the closing date, which can be in as little as seven days, or on your time.

Your Colorado Home Selling Option

If you live in the Colorado area and want to sell your house as soon as possible, you can count on Colorado Cash For Keys. We’ll buy your home, saving you from all the burden that comes with selling a house.