The Trade-offs of Selling Your Home With Realtors

Many homeowners who choose to sell their home with realtors, don’t know much about the trade-offs that come with it. Although working with realtors can have its perks, they charge fees and commissions for their services when they achieve the sale. 

Such a process can be tricky if you think about it financially. You have to invest a certain amount of money on home repairs when you put your house for sale. Furthermore, you have to pay for closing costs and all the paperwork during the selling process. If you sum up all you have to pay for, you’ll think twice if selling your home with a realtor is your best option.

What Involves Selling Your Home With A Realtor?

People who sell their homes through realtors hope for the chance to get a great offer and navigate the process easily. But with this potential pay-off come many things that aren’t so positive. Let’s explore some of the trade-offs of selling with a realtor.

Commission And Fees 

As mentioned before, a commission is paid when the realtor achieves selling your home, which is the trade-off their services involve. They request 6% on average over the total amount of the sale. 

Paying For Closing Costs

The closing costs expense is a price the seller has to cover, which is about 2% on average over the total sale of your home. 

Number Of Showings

When you sell your home with a realtor, each showing can set high expectations for you. But the reality is that you can have numerous showings until you get an offer. 

Waiting Times

Another downside of working with a realtor is the time they have to wait until the sale happens. It could take up to nine months for an offer to appear, plus three months more until the closing date arrives.

How Can You Avoid Those Trade-Offs?

The good news is that you don’t have to go through all those trade-offs to sell your home. You should know you have other options that don’t require waiting for long months or having to pay a real estate agent’s commissions. Discover how easy it can be to sell your home with homebuyers.

At Colorado Cash For Keys, we can set a closing date in as little as seven days. You don’t have to pay for commissions or other extra expenses. We even pay for fixes if they’re needed. Our goal is to take off your shoulders the burden of selling your home with a realtor and manage to offer a fair price for your home.


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